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We’re proud to be the leading solar company in the beautiful state of Colorado. Our top-notch expertise and dedication have earned us the reputation as Colorado’s number one choice for solar services, including solar removal &n reinstall, solar repair & more. We’re here to make sure your solar system shines its brightest, backed by years of industry experience and a deep commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

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Colorado Solar Services

What We Do Best

Residential Solar

Solar Removal & Reinstall

An R&R is typically done during roof replacements to ensure the seamless integration of your solar panels. We can also provide permanent solar removal services.

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Solar Repair

Our solar repair services are designed to swiftly address any issues, ensuring your solar system operates at its best, providing you with reliable and efficient clean energy.

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Solar Inspection

Whether you’re seeking a routine yearly inspection or need one because you’re buying a home with solar, our inspection services provide a thorough examination of your solar system’s performance.

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Colorado Solar Services

How It Works

Residential Solar

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We’ll collect information about your solar system, including details such as panel ownership, quantity, and specific service requirements, enabling us to promptly provide you with a tailored and accurate service quote.

We Do the Hard Work

We’re dedicated to making the process hassle-free for you. We will work around your schedule to book our solar service, at your earliest convenience. Plus, we will also back it up with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

You Enjoy the Results

Once our expert team has completed the necessary repairs, you’ll relish the satisfaction of enjoying a fully functional and efficient solar panel system, reaping the benefits of clean, sustainable energy for years to come.

Colorado Solar Services

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Solar Inspection

Solar Cleaning

Critter Guard Install

Microinverter Repair

Removal & Reinstall

Solar Repair


Here’s What People Are Saying

Our old inverter died and we were able to get a new one under warranty. Unfortunately, the company that originally installed it was no longer in business. CO Solar Repair was able to get us up and running quickly and at a fair price. The installer could not have been nicer and the whole process was incredibly smooth once we called. I absolutely recommend them.

John Smith

We just had our reinstall of our solar panels completed today after having a roof replacement done. The two young gentleman who did the job yesterday and today were Adrian and Dylan. They are the most respectful, considerate, and thorough gentlemen I have ever met!
I am absolutely pleased with the ease of service.

Jane Doe

Excellent work in the de-install/re-install of my solar system. Appointments were on time and the workers were pleasant and experienced, as well as forthcoming with information!

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